In the early days of Threadheads, we made a critical decision about who we wanted to be. The fashion industry is characterised by low-quality garments, poor working conditions in developing countries, and overproduction contributing to climate change (fashion is the third-largest polluter on the planet). So, the decision we had to make was the following: do we want to offer a cheaper option or provide a premium, socially responsible product for a higher price? We went with the latter and it now informs everything we do.

Our Values

Print on demand

Threadheads is slow fashion. Clothes are made to order, which means no over-production and waste like regular fashion brands. All inks used are OEKO-TEX® certified and eco-friendly.

Responsible sourcing

All of our garments are manufactured by AS Colour, who ethically source their products from Bangladesh (one of largest textile and garment producing hubs in the world). All the factories are routinely audited to ensure they meet ethical standards relating to work conditions, minimum remuneration, workers benefits etc.

Supporting the community

7,096 items with minor imperfections have been donated through our partnership with Thread Together. This means disadvantaged members of our community get to wear super funky threads all year round.

Minimal plastic in supply chain

Threadheads use fully compostable shipping mailers made by our Aussie mates HeapsGood Packaging to send all Threadheads orders. They're plant-based and contain zero plastic.