Cat T-Shirts

Show your status of being the proud owner of a little hissing house gremlin of your own with one of our cat t-shirts!

The cat is nature’s perfect killing machine. These small, silent predators can strip an entire landscape of prey if left to their own devices. It’s a shame we keep scooping them up and kissing them on the tops of their heads like the best little pet ever, yes you are, who’s the cutest kitty in the world? You are!

Ahem. We're not kitten around here. Here at Threadheads we have some seriously funny, grumpy and ramen-y cat t shirts. Making the leap from social media memes to clothing for your filthy corpus, our cat t-shirts feature the cutest, funniest, and most diabolical cat designs you’ll find anywhere. From original designs to parodies of existing ones and much, much more, our collection of cat shirts will have you purring in no time.

Whether you’re a pet lover or you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone who is into these furry little death machines, you’ll love to shop the designs of our shirts. We’ve got style to spare thanks to the design fanatics whose job it is to create these tees. One look at their designs and you’ll see they’re obsessed as you are with these fat little house goblins that do little more than throw up on the rug and spread litter everywhere.

Yet despite how they can be right bastards sometimes, everybody just seems to love cats. That’s why the design of our cat shirts incorporates style choices for both men and women. Made from ethically-sourced 100% combed cotton with a 15% viscose marle weave for perfect colour and durability, our cat shirts come in a multitude of sizes and colors. Size choices for men start at S and run through 4XL, while shirts in women’s sizes begin at XS and go through 2XL.

These cat shirts are funny, but we take our customer service deadly serious here at Threadheads! We print all our shirts on-demand right here in our Melbourne print shop before we ship directly to you. We ship to all addresses throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, though international shipping rates and shipping times will differ. All our shirts come with a 100% ironclad customer service guarantee - if you’re not completely satisfied with your tee, send it back and we’ll exchange it for you, no questions asked.
Your cat might not show it, but they love you as much as you love them. Tell the world how much you adore your fuzzy little couch destroyer with one of our awesome cat tees!