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Does anyone else sometimes feel suspicious that Bruce Lee is more myth and legend than man? Like, seriously, how did one ass-kicking man achieve so much? And also catch rice midair with chopsticks?
Bruce Lee was superhuman. You know this. We know this. But—we also have a moral responsibility to give you the jokes as well as immortalise this legend. So, let’s get into it.

What Do You Actually Know About The Man, The Myth, The Dragon—Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee’s legacy will never be forgotten. The bloke was a true polymath. He was a martial artist, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, philosopher, dancer, and even a sketch artist. There was nothing this man could not do.
He could probably peel a banana with his earlobes while doing his famed two-finger pushup.

You already know all of this, though. If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’d obviously know a thing or two about Bruce Lee. Heck—why else would you want to be covered from top to bottom in Bruce Lee clothing? Honestly, you seem like the type to name your first child Bruce Lee. And the type to have, ‘I prefer one-inch punches over spanking’ branded on your bottom.

We bet you’ve got an arsenal of Bruce Lee facts that discharge from every orifice of your body during a dinner party. And we bet you’d nail Bruce Lee trivia like Bruce Lee nailed the cha-cha.
So—what could we possibly tell you about Bruce Lee that you don’t already know? Well. Apparently, when you’re searching for Bruce Lee facts on the internet, the search engine demigods seem to think that you’d also be interested to know whether Bruce Lee farewelled his foreskin. And you know what, Google? Absolutely. You can’t call yourself a Bruce Lee fan without knowing every little thing (including any missing little thing) about Bruce.
The long and the short of it (hehe) is that yes, Bruce Lee did say goodbye to his below-the-waist turtleneck.

More Than Just A Kung Fu Master. More Than Just Bruce Lee T Shirts.

We should probably talk about something deep and meaningful to cut through the chatter about below-the-waist turtlenecks. As Bruce Lee purists, we appreciate that Bruce Lee was a master of Wing Chun. But he was so much more than that. And when you don a Bruce Lee t-shirt, you’re representing everything he stood for. What was that exactly?
Bruce Lee reframed the way Asians are represented in film and television. And to achieve this is superhuman in and of itself. Time Magazine in 1999 had the following to say about Bruce Lee:

In an America where the Chinese were still stereotyped as meek house servants and railroad workers, Bruce Lee was all steely sinew, threatening stare and cocky, pointed finger — a Clark Kent who didn't need to change outfits. He was the redeemer, not only for the Chinese but for all the geeks and dorks and pimpled teenage masses that washed up at the theatres to see his action movies.
Nuff said? We think so.

Cha-Cha-Cha in Bruce Lee Clothing

At this point, you might feel a tad overloaded with Bruce Lee facts. We’re sorry. Well, not really. We love this man too much. And he deserves to be showered with praise for aeons to come.

So, on that note, did you know that Bruce Lee could cha-cha? In 1958, Bruce won the Hong Kong Championship for dancing the cha-cha. And now, you too could cha-cha while Bruce Lee DJs on your torso.

How Should You Wear Your Bruce Lee Shirts?

Alright, so you’re totally convinced that you should own every Bruce Lee hoodie in existence. Now you’re trying to figure out how to wear your Bruce Lee shirts.

Honestly, you could wear these tees anyway you’d like. You could use them as pants for all we care. You could also buy a Bruce Lee tote bag and carry around your Chihuahua in it.

But, you should ask yourself whether you’re doing justice to the legendary man. If you really loved Bruce Lee like we think you do, you should:
  1. Catch flies with chopsticks in your Bruce Lee tees.
  2. Play ping pong with nunchucks in your Bruce Lee tanks.
  3. Make a sandwich while catching flies with chopsticks and playing ping pong with nunchucks.

Other Random Facts About Bruce Lee That Will Totally Make You Want To Buy Bruce Lee Merch

Bruce Lee Loved A Succulent Chinese Meal
According to an AMA by Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, Bruce Lee loved a succulent Chinese meal. He loved Chinese food and especially beef with oyster sauce.
Bruce Lee v Chuck Norris
According to one random, expressive YouTuber: ‘the only thing that keeps Chuck Norris alive today is the fear of facing Bruce Lee in heaven.’ We totally agree.
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