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Want to own a slice of Threadheads?

Mamma Mia! This is BIG. Think moon, sky, King Kong's derrière kinda big. Here's the scoopity-doop: we're inviting YOU to become an owner of Threadheads!

It's the very first time we've offered a chunky, extra-cheesy slice of Threadheads to our customers—history in the baking if you will.

It all started in 2018. It's only been four very short years, but it feels like yonks ago now. If you'd have seen us in our shop, you never would've expected us to amount to anything.

Yet, here we are. 27 people strong with fans all over the world. And for as as little as $250, we want you to join us on our voyage to becoming the biggest, funkiest, funniest pop-culture retailer in the world.

On a mission to make kickass tees