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Returns & Exchanges

Oopsie. Did we make a poopsie? It’s super duper easy. Click here to visit the returns centre, and it'll walk you through the process.

We offer exchanges or store credit on retail items that are unworn and in the same condition received for up to 60 days after purchase.* 

All returns are donated to the homeless and disadvantaged through our Thread Together partnership. So, if it's the wrong size or something else isn't quite right, click here to get started, and we'll make it right.

*In other words, don’t send us back a tee that has mysterious stains on it. We tend to lick things to identify the source. And we don’t want to get sick or pregnant.

You can return the item that you obtained at a discounted price for
store credit. Store credit will equate to the value you paid for the discounted item. Free items will not be included in the store credit.

You can exchange the item that you obtained at a discounted price or
for free only if you exchange with the same product type and same value.

Orders & Shipping

Ok—we get it, you live in a country that doesn't deport tennis players, fancy pants. Keep pouring hot sauce into our wounds, why don't you?

Anyway, you win. We ship worldwide. Click here for international delivery times.

Click here for our updated shipping time estimates, based on current order volumes. If your brownies contain anything that rhymes with marriedjolana, please meet us at the back of our warehouse at midnight. And bring a slice or seven.

If you're being super impatient, please note as we do print everything on demand, standard orders do take 1-2 business days for us to print and have the order ready before shipment. We're super nice to the environment so pls don't get mad at us, okay?

Alright, pal. Just because you can order ice cream in your underpants doesn’t mean you can bully us into sending you tracking deets immediately.

But we always do. So, 99% of the time, it’s due to our email notifications being sent to your spam inbox. Check there first. You could also add hello@threadheads.com.au to your trusted contacts list (if you really, really love us) and subscribe to SMS updates.

If you think your order was stolen by internet pirates (or you just can’t find a tracking number), send us an email. We’ll enlist Sherlock Holmes to investigate.  

Oh, it’s you—one of those fruitcakes that hates getting dopamine-boosting deliveries.

Well, yes, you weirdo. We offer click and collect, but only for Melbourne customers. Simply select pickup at the first stage of checkout 😎 Our warehouse operates during the day, so our current pick up times are 10am - 3pm weekdays only. Boom! Inconvenience. If you need to pickup at a time outside these hours, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to accommodate.

If it’s because the local postie is coughing on your mail, maybe try blowing them a kiss. There’s nothing like a bit of awkwardness to cut through the tension.

Product & Sizing

Us too, friend. Us too. You can find a size chart next to the size options on every product page. Simply follow the instructions to find your perfect size. And if you’re really, really struggling, feel free to get in touch.

So—you must live in your parents’ basement, eh? Here, maybe try this first: How to Wash Clothes in a Washing Machine (For Dummies)

In short, your threads should last a long time with a little love and tender care. Here’s our love-you-long-time guide:

1. Turn your threads inside out. 

2. Machine washing is totally fine, but try and make sure it’s a cold wash and a gentle cycle. 

3. You can throw them in the dryer, but it’s much better to air dry. 

4. There’ll be some minor shrinkage after washing, which is standard cotton 101—a bit like your standards when you’re still single at thirty.

Sheesh—you must love soy lattes and ethically-sourced dingleberries. What’s with the third-degree?

Don’t fret, pals. We’re all tree huggers at Threadheads. All our threads are printed, packed, and posted from Melbourne, Australia. The garments are designed by AS Colour, a company that lives and breathes social responsibility—from supply chains to responsible sourcing. Our products are ethically manufactured in Bangladesh, which is one of the largest garment production capitals in the world. And AS Colour is recognised for its strict on-boarding process, code of conduct, and routine auditing of its factories. 

While we would like to use all-Australian products, this is unfortunately not possible due to the costs involved and the lack of local manufacturers that exist these days. 

First and foremost, we love you. We add fresh designs every Wednesday and Friday! If you want to keep up-to-date, subscribe to our emails and follow us on social for the latest prints.

Well, are you still using photos of a skinnier doppelgänger on your dating profile? 

Just like your waistline, variances in sizing are impossible to avoid during production, even with top-notch quality control. The measurements provided in our size charts are just an indicator of sizing, so please allow for variations of 1-2 centimetres.

So, please just have that fifth frosted cupcake. Treat yo self. 

Ahh, so you’re into unicorn vomit? Sure you can. Flick us an email, and we’ll customise the order to your liking.*

*This is not an open invitation to send us strange suggestions. We don’t stock ‘brown like the colour of my bamboo toilet paper after that chilli con carne last night’. We suggest therapy, but please keep using bamboo toilet paper. Do the good things for the environment.

We get it, there's a lot of incredible stuff to choose from... Thankfully, we have the most brilliant solution – a Threadheads Gift Card. 

Our gift cards are completely digital and contain easy-as-pie instructions to redeem them at checkout. After checkout, we'll email you the gift card, and then you simply send it to your lucky friend, anonymous lover or significant other. Once purchased, gift cards will expire after 3 years. 

Pleasingly, our gift cards also have no cheeky additional processing fees. Just 100% pure gifting. So go on, spread the joy of threads today!


Yes! We’re all about spreading your payments over a few weeks, especially if it means you can buy more avocado toast and overpriced piccolo lattes. Just go through checkout as usual, and you can select Afterpay as a payment option at the end.

PayPal, Afterpay, Zip Pay, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, plus the usual Mastercard and Visa. Thread Pay coming soon!


It depends. If we're talking ethics about the last pain au chocolat in the Threadheads kitchen, no one plays by the rules. There's no such thing as ethics when securing an ooey-gooey, warm, and chocolatey slice of heaven.

But if we're talking ethics about the planet, the answer is a loud and reverberating, "Absobloodyutely, babyyyy". All of our garments are manufactured by AS Colour, who ethically source their products from Bangladesh (one of the largest textile and garment-producing hubs in the world). All the factories are routinely audited to ensure they meet ethical standards relating to work conditions, minimum remuneration, workers' benefits etc. They're obsessed with social responsibility. Like really obsessed. Like, think a Blue Jay chasing a piece of tin foil obsessed. And they're deliberate and transparent with everything concerning sustainability—from responsible sourcing to eliminating plastics from their supply chain.

Oh, and we also print everything on demand, which means we don't just produce printed t-shirts willy-nilly. And besides, we'd need a giant warehouse the size of King Kong's bathtub if we had to hold all our thousands of designs in stock.

So here are the CliffsNotes: super ethical brand trying to give the flick to fast fashion one print-on-demand graphic t-shirt at a time.

What if we told you that, over the years, Threadheads has slowly acquired a group of squirrel monkeys—each expertly trained at direct-to-garment printing. Our troop of monkeys are shepherded by our head monkey, Dorito Eduardo Headthread, and each monkey hand prints each tee with its tiny little fingers. You probably wouldn’t believe us. And you’re right not to.

But all Threadheads apparel is printed on-demand using DTG, which eliminates the waste commonly caused by overproduction in the fashion & apparel industry. We use water-based pigment inks that are OKEO-TEXT certified and CPSIA compliant.

If this all sounds like gobbledegook, just rest assured that we do our best to ensure our tees are good for the planet. 

Haven’t you noticed the world is on fire? We’re just trying to do our little bit to put it out. When we print on demand, we considerably reduce the chances of wastage. It also means we pay close attention to every order. So, we rarely send out the wrong thing. Fewer returns. Less wastage. With our bucketloads of designs, it just makes sense. 

Think about it this way. You don’t poop on demand, do you? You hold it in. And you wait to strike the toilet bowl with the force of a thousand suns because pooping everywhere is just terrible for everyone. Ok, that was unrelated. But you get the point. We hope.

Will you join us in putting a dent in climate change? 

It’s pretty big, thanks for asking. Apparently, size doesn’t matter though, but how it looks under a magnifying glass.

Anyway, we use fully compostable shipping mailers made by our Aussie mates HeapsGood Packaging to send all Threadheads orders. They're plant-based and contain zero plastic. (This doesn’t mean you can eat them. We know how weird some of you are. We like it.)


There’s no amount of money in the world that we would accept to use your stick figures. Threadheads is an invite-only platform, so we usually reach out to artists ourselves.

If you're interested in joining, please send us your portfolio/Instagram, and we'll keep it on file for future consideration (please don’t send us stick figures).

No. We keep our independent artists in a locked basement at our headquarters and feed them crayons to ensure they’re always thinking colourfully. Ok—but seriously, all artists are paid a handsome commission for any products sold using their designs. For Threadheads Originals, we make all of those in-house but frequently reward ourselves with alcohol and snacks.

About Us

Have you heard of Google? Okay, sorry, you're probably Googling this right now. We're a pop culture illustration studio that makes the best graphic tees, apparel, and digital art on the internet. At least we like to think we do—our pops agrees.

We're based in Melbourne, Australia. And we print our clothes from two locations, Melbourne and Prague. Our Melbourne HQ is located right near the beach, so when we're not printing t-shirts, you'll probably find us trying to convince the local law enforcement that any beach is a nudist beach if you think it is. If you can dream it, you can do it, babyyyyy.

If you're thinking about flying to Melbourne to meet us, we like brown paper bags filled with Monopoly money. And gifts. But we definitely don't accept bribes. That would be illegal. And anyway, what would you be bribing us for? We're still going to make the best graphic t-shirts on responsibly-sourced garments. And that's even if your money could buy us Boardwalk and Park Place in Monopoly land.

We are a 100% Australian-owned company. We opened up shop in 2018, pouring every dollar into our dream of becoming the biggest DTC pop culture clothing brand globally. So again, if you can dream it, you can do it, babyyyyy.

An unlikely duo founded Threadheads. Not quite like Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon in Taxi (because who wanted that team-up?). Think more like Brennan and Dale from Step Brothers. Two eccentric, pop-culture-obsessed humans who just want to make the best graphic t-shirts on the internet.

One is a fifty-year-old man-child. And the other is a 30-year-old child-man. But you can call them Dragon and Nighthawk. If you know, you know.

Other Questions

Have you considered joining a Karen Support Group?

We agree that our tees are pretty stare-worthy. But staring is also a common consequence of having a monobrow. We highly recommend seeing a trained professional to diagnose the issue.

We can’t help you there. But we dare you to take a photo of your grandma in this Brooklyn-99-inspired tee.

Try this: How do I deal with the fact that I'm stupid?

But, seriously, are you stupid? What did you expect your tee to do? If you’re using one of our premium tees for something else other than for wearing (think: dog toys or cable ties), it’s time to rethink your life choices.

lolololololololololololololololololololololol. You can send your terrible ideas to hello@threadheads.com.au. You don't have to send us a blank cheque, but it might help you. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

Your design will be assessed by an expert panel of chinstrap penguins—each one named Gladys. In other words, your email will probably end up in our junk folder with all the others spruiking appendage-enhancing medication.

OMG. Yes. We love cuddles. *Cuddles*