Retro T-Shirts

Retro t-shirts for the old-school. Recreated works from years gone by plus new designs that evoke a vintage vibe, our vintage t-shirts offer the best, funniest, and most nostalgic designs of yesteryear but without the baked-in funk of the secondhand shop.

Whether you’re planning the perfect 80s throwback Halloween costume, gearing up for a fancy dress Christmas party, or just want to show off a quirky, nostalgic vibe, we’ve got the perfect shirt for you.

Featuring favourite designs of yesteryear worn by none but the most discerning hipsters and by people who can’t just let go of their childhood, our vintage t-shirts are a must-buy for the stunted man-child in your life (including yourself). Nostalgia knows no gender boundaries, of course, so all our vintage tees come in styles and colours for men and women. Shopping for the perfect size is easy - these shirts come in a cross-section of vintage colour and style choices. Men’s shirts routinely go from size S to size 4XL, while women’s styles start at size XS and go to size XL.

T-shirts are a clear way to communicate your personality and sense of humour to everyone around you. What better way to show complete strangers on the street how you never grew out of primary school with a retro t-shirt that references something you barely remember yourself, or don’t remember at all? Our terribly clever vintage tees might feature the pop culture icons of the last generation to know what a rotary telephone was, but these t-shirts are full modern rock - they’re made with modern textile manufacturing techniques! 

Shopping for the perfect shirt is easy here at Threadheads - all of our apparel is made from ethically sourced 100% combed cotton with a 15% viscose marle for the best looking colours and hard-wearing durability. You can shop with confidence that that colour won’t fade after just a few washes!

All our shirts are printed on-demand right here in Australia at Threadheads’ Melbourne print shop and then shipped directly to you. International shipping from our shop is available, though shipping times outside of Australia or New Zealand will vary. We love our customers - and we love how much you love our tees! That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our shirt designs. If you’re not completely thrilled with your shirt, we’ll exchange it for free!

Warning: if you remember any of these designs from your childhood you’re probably old enough to have kids of your own. Or you would have kids if you didn’t spend all your time in your bedroom dressed in a vintage t-shirt playing a 40-year-old game console on a television that predates the fall of the Berlin Wall. Leaving your house to shop for some new shirts once and awhile wouldn’t kill you, ya know. Or don’t. We’re not the boss of you.