Kids T-Shirts

I remember when I was a kid. Oh how I yearn for the simpler times...

Being a kid was awesome. You’d arrive at school with that brand new toy or soon-to-be-trashed novelty item. You’d proudly present it to your cohort as if it were Moses showing his people the 10 Commandments he had received from God on Mount Sinai. “Check out what my Mummy and Daddy got me”.

Well, times have changed. Having the latest toy is really not that cool anymore. Now, if you want your kid to be the talk of the playground it’s probably best you consider a Threadheads kids graphic t-shirt instead. Yes! Just like all our adult tees, it comes freshly printed on 100% ethically sourced & premium cotton. The prints are just as vibrant & expressive too. What’s more, they’ll boost your kid’s confidence and self-esteem, on a count of how many new friends your child will be attracting. We even tested it out on one of our staff’s kids. Little Jack had 10 new friends by the end of the first week and by the second week he was an Instagram influencer. The power of Threadheads kids t-shirts!